Travel the world with Alfie and his crew members Jude and Ben

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Even The Kitchen Sink


We’re in Spain now!

It took us a day and a half to drive to south of Spain, we are now on an olive farm, working with an Israeli family and we’re living in the most amazing yurt you’ve ever seen, it even has a kitchen sink, and a SOLAR SHOWER, not that I’ve used it yet… what a stinker!

We’re near to Orgiva, a hippy town, it’s cool!

Love you all loads, miss you too, take it easy, love Jude x x x x x

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mole Hills and Mountains

Bonjour Peeps!

Now we're in Izaut de l'hotel, bordering on the Pyrenees. We're staying with Karen and Lee and their baby, Rohan, who is amazingly cute.....

On Friday night we went to the local 'traditional Irish' pub, (Frederic’s back room) and then partook in some apple picking and 'cidre' making on Saturday, I've really enjoyed myself. We have had to use our terrible French to mix with the locals, which has made it all the more fun.

We went for a huge walk yesterday with Jana, a lovely German girl who is also here. We started walking at 10am, and hiked up several mountains including the three peaks. We just spent a lot of our time marveling at the views, it really was incredible to be above the towering snowcapped Pyrenees. It was a hard day and we inevitably got a bit lost, doing some scrambling and rock climbing up a face of a mountain, it was scary but exciting, Claire and Jobie would be proud!

We've also been learning lots about joinery and construction which will be good to remember for future house building. We've built an egg room complete with sheep's wool for insulation, and I've been doing lots of masonry drilling.

So, all is well. I hope you are all ok, I think of everyone lots. Take care, love Jude and Ben x x x x x

Pictures: The mountain the three of us are on is the Cagire, a mountain in the Pyrenees, a whopper, it took Ben, Yana and myself 10 hours to climb it, up and down, we had to scramble up a face and even do a bit of proper climbing!